The 135th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam
The 135th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg
The beginning of our involvement ......
Marching Out to Battle
Assault on The Sunken Road
Irish Brigade Assembles
Capture of the Sunken Road
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    Pickett's Charge  1863 - 1998
    The 69th Pa Under Bombardment
"My son, Michael, and I joined the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" in early 1997 and attended our very first large scale
 Civil War Reenactment in September 2017 -- The Battle of Antietam. We arrived in camp in darkness and after
  finding the regiment campsite sent up our tent for a long weekend.  Early in the morning darkness we were called
  to battle in the "Cornfield Fight". As we marched from camp in darkness, we wondered if any spectators would be
  there to watch us battle. Soon as we approached the cornfield we were amazed that hundreds of spectators had
  arrived through the evening and early morning to observe the battle. The rest of the weekend was an amazing
  collection of battle recreations - The Sunken Road... The West Woods ... Burnside's Bridge with thousands of
 Federal and Confederate reenactor taking part. The smell of gunpowder .... the noise of battle -- an amazing event
 The largest Civil War reenactment ever produced occurred in July 1998. More than 25,000 Federal and
  Confederate reenactors attended a massive four day event inn Gettysburg, Pa. The 69th Pa had the honor of
  defending the stone wall at Pickett's Charge. My son, Michael, was out on picket duty at the Chambersburg road
  while our regiment lay on the ground as a violent artillery bombardment raged over our heads. The event
  featured battle recreations from all stages of the original Gettysburg battle. The massive artillery bombardment
  had more cannons and more soldiers crossed the Pickett's Charge field than ever before or since. The event      
  was an amazing experience for all those who attended  --- Never to be forgotten.
The Union Line at the Wall
 The Green Irish flag of the 69th flies proudly at the wall