Cedar Creek 2013 - The 149th
The 149th Aniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek saw a new addition to the battlefield scenario with the
construction by the USV Engineers of a log wall fort on the ridge above the spectator line. Both batles which
were recreated this year - 2nd Winchester & Cedar Creek were focused around this three sided fortress with
its blockhouses and
abatis protection. The 69th Pa played a key role in its defense and in the weekend action.
The Camp of the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers"
Beside our Nationals and Green Batleflag We Assemble
Fort Milroy at Cedar Creek 149th
Obstacles built by the 69th Pa
Rebels Advance to Attack
Holding The Walls
Alex, Ryan and Mike in Camp
Relaxing at the Fire
Combat at Cedar Creek
Slugging It Out On The Battlefield
At The Fly - Time for Conversation
Block House at the Fort
Major Ernsberger Relaxes at Night in the Fort
Dawn at Fort Milroy
New Cathedral Cemetery - Three More Gravestones Dedicated