Cedar Creek 2014 - 150 years later
The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek was celebrated October 17-19, 2014 with recreations of the
Battles of 3rd Winchester as well as the Cedar Creek battle itself. The 69th Pa was represented by 15 officers and
men as well as 9 civilians. Another three 69th members served in staff positions. This year was a beautiful sun filled
two days with cool nights. Both battles saw intensive action as most of our men fired all their rounds in the fierce
engagements. 1st Corporal Mike Ernsberger won the "fast shooter" rifle contest in a hard fought contest. Many called
this year's Cedar Creek reenactment one of the best ever done as the event drew record crowds and participants
The 69th prepares to
attack rebel positions
led by Captain Scott Eller
and staff member Lt.
Colonel John Kopich
First Sergeant Kopich briefs the troops
Lined up for battle at Cedar Creek
Inspections Arms !
69th Camp at Cedar Creek
New member Bill Lyman earns his boxwood
Mike, Bill and Brian relax around camp
The Howard Family braves the cold
The Lyman's relax in camp
General Markijohn Reviews the troops
Captain Eller accepts the captured reb artilley flag
Honoring our men at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery