Chancellorsvlle 150th
May 1-3, 1863 saw a major Union defeat in the Civil War as Hooker's attempt to flank
the Confederate army was itself flanked by "Stonewall" Jackson. Members of the
69th Pa traveled to Spotsylvania Co. Virginia to recreate some of the battle scenes.
General Joseph Hooker
General Robert E. Lee
Lee & Jackson's Last Meeting
Our Street at Chancellorsville 150th
Two Officers and twelve men of the 69th journey to Virginia for the 150th Anniversary of he Battle of Chancellorsville.
 They were joined there by five 69th civilians and two 69th Cadets on the fields of Spotsylvania Courthouse. This
weekend eight members of the 88th New York (From the Irish Brigade) joined us in camp and in battle recreation.
Starting the day with a hearty breakfast
Men of the 69th Pa and the 88th NY  at the fire.
At Chancellorsville 150th a gentleman named Dave Vander Haeghe  introduced himself to us and showed a soldier
ID belonging to Private James McCarthy (69th Pa Company D) who fought with the regiment from the beginning of
the war until Spotsylvania, where he was wounded. He fought with us at The Wall in Gettysburg. Several entries on
Private McCarthy are found in the
Paddy Owen's Regulars book including a fist fight and wounding of an officer
back in Philadelphia at the start of the war, as well as his service at Gettysburg and McCarthy's wounding at the
"Mule Shoe" ........Thank You to Dave for this great addition to our knowledge.
More Photos Coming
Close Combat with the Rebels
Two members of the "Sanitary Commission"
visit the 69th camp to check our "lifestyles"
A hearty breakfast of pork, beef and eggs
"As always the 69th shined through like no other, held our ground till the last round was fired,
and were paid very high compliments by Colonel Young & General Markijohn. I was also
informed by Col Young, that after both battles, the General from the rebs asked "who the hell
was those two companies on your right Flank"?  Well they said, its the 69th Pa Irish of course,
and the reply back from the rebs,"We should have know it was the Irish, they fought us so damn
hard that we couldn't get around your right flank to roll you guys up, they wouldn't give up to
us, they kept countering our flank making us refuse the line instead"  - Captain  Eller
The 69th Pa leads the Union Forces into battle - Video
Cleaning Up Our Wall at Gettysburg