Cold Spring Village
Cape May NJ September 16-18
One of our favorite reenactments each year is the Cold Spring Village event in Cape May New   
Jersey. The village is a reconstructed collection of historical buildings which once stood in various
areas of Cape May County and were disassembled and then moved to the village. A blacksmith
shop, bakery, general store, restaurant, and a wide variety of 19th  century buildings dot the
landscape. The village was originally a location of water supply for both whalers and pirates at the tip
of New Jersey One weekend each summer the village becomes the scene of Civil War combat as
Federal and Confederate forces occupy streets and buildings and wage battle. This year a beer
tavern was added (producing four types of custom beer). Battles occured on Saturday and Sunday
and a pig roast was held Saturday evening. The 69th was in strong attendance and used the
occasion to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Corporal Michael Ernsberger by combining the pig
roast with an evening at the tavern followed by a crab feast..... excellent weather
Doc Reidenbach discusses Civil War Medicine
Our Camp
Lining Up For Battle
 Marching Out to Battle
 Parade Formation
Candid Photos at Cold Spring Village
The Bride & Groom
Loading & Firing
We follow Our Captain