Cold Spring Village 2020
September 11-13, 2020
    16 members of the 69th Pa journeyed to Cold Spring Village to participate in the "Military History"
 weekend at Cold Spring Village in Cape May NJ. This was our first public event since the beginning   
 of the Corona Virus shutdown and required mask wearing a safe distance standards by participants
 and visitors alike. Despite the necessary health safety requirements the unit was able to provide
 educational discussion and experiences to hundreds of attendees at the event as individuals and
 families walked through our camp to learn about Civil War military life; the history of the 69th Pa and
 see demonstrations of weaponry and camp life. We also sold our new shirts as well as books at our
 information table at the edge of the camp.
    The unit was commanded this weekend by brevet Captain Michael Ernsberger and brevet 1st Sgt
 Alex Long. Highlights of the  weekend for the more than 600 visitors was bayonet practice conducted
 by former 69th Captain Gerry Malloy and a loud and active recreation of "street fighting" by the 69th
 and members of other Civil War units who joined us. Conversations at the information table continued
 for hours each day as our members talked about and answered questions concerning the Civil War
 and the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers". Sales of the new shirts and books exceeded $700.   
           A Volley of Gunfire in the Middle of the Village
Lining Up for Roll Call to Start the Day
      The Thrust of the Bayonet
       Our Bayonet Stand
Marching Back to Camp
Orders of the Day
         Morning Coffee
             Setting Up The Camp
The Information & Sales Table
The Ladies and Men at Cold Spring Village
         Combat Training