Celtic Days
   Cold Spring Village, NJ  July 11-13
The village of Cold Spring Village in Cape May New Jersey is a 19th century town comprised of  old
buildings which have been moved to the site from around the county. All summer, theme weekends are
organized to attract visitors. In July members of the 69th camped at the "Celtic Days" event and spent time
welcoming scores of visitors of our camp and enjoyed themselevs with song, musket firing and fine campfire
crusine --- blueberry cobler, game hen, crabs, and venison stew. A fine time was had by all.
One of our young ladies, Theresa Kolter welcomes visitors to camp and helps sell tee shirts, books and music CD's
The 2:00 am Discussion Group arises for breakfast
Another "hearty" meal at the campfire
Home Sweet Home
Our "ladies" Michelle Velas, Theresa Kolter and Louise Ernsberger
Visiting the "Livestock" on the farm
Our Neighborhood
In September we return to Cold   
    Spring Village to do Battle