The Women & Men of Cold Spring Village 2020
Andrea Ashcroft & Michelle  Velas
Louise Ernsberger & Joanne Rivera
         Gerry Malloy
Austin L'Heureux, Rick Jacobs and Ricky Jacobs
Michelle Velas, Dave Ashcroft, Austin L'Heureux and Joanne Rivera at the Table
Alex Long, Don Ernsberger, Gerry Malloy, Michael Ernsberger and David O'Daniel doing music
Breakfast in Preparation
New Mask .... New Shirt .. Old Boxwood
Ernsberger's -- Father & Son at Bayonet Practice                Brevet  1st Sgt Alex Long
"I left my poles and rib at Home"
.... the birth of the innovative tent
A special farewell to Corporal Austin
L'Heureux who leaves for Army Reserve
training a week after Cold Spring Village.
Be safe and hurry home to your home
              and comrades.
Dave Ashcroft at the Table
Michael and Gerry playing some tunes
Dave O'Daniel checks weapons
   Visitors Tour
 the 69th Camp