The 69th Band At The Crooked Eye
             Saturday March 16
             The  2019 "School of the Soldier"
  The 69th Pennsylvania "Irish Volunteer Band" opened up their 2019 season with a  
  successful Saint Patrick's Day concert at the Crooked Eye tavern in Hatboro.  Large
 crowds filled every seat and sang along with every song. The group  played three sets
 and were called back by the crowd for several encores. Sales  of the 69th tee shirts,
 CD's, music books and caps provided enough income for financing yet another
  gravestone to be placed on the unmarked "final resting  place" of another 69th soldier
  who fought with the unit in the Civil War.
                    The Band Performs at the Crooked Eye
Doug & Rick  Sing Out A Tune
Ginny & Jim Perform an Irish Classic
  The Band Celebrates Saint Patrick's Day 2019
  Holy Cross Cemetery Gravestone Ceremony