Missing at Gettysburg
Private Thomas Diver Company I
The the midst of the ferocious fighting in front of the stone wall on July 3, 1863 Private Thomas Diver
was struck in the head by "friendly fire" from the cannons of Cushing' s Battery as he stood firing at      
the  approaching Confederates. He died quickly and was taken to be buried at the Peter Frey Farm on
Taneytown Road late that afternoon. For years we have known the names of twenty one lads killed
and  buried in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Each November we hold a ceremony to honor these
men. Our knowledge of Private Thomas Diver was limited to the awareness that he died that day at the
stone wall. We knew not of where he was buried until recently paperwork appeared indicating that he
had been reinterned at the Evergreen Cemetery adjacent to the National Cemetery. Further
investigation revealed that he lies beneath one of the two UNKNOWN gravestones in the federal
section of Evergreen. We will never know which stone marks his "final resting place" but we now know
where he rests. We will continue to honor his life and his service as we do all of his comrades.
The Evergreen Cemetery Entrance Gate - Stood here in 1863
Federal Soldiers Section - 68 Graves.... 66 marked - 2 unknown
The Joseph McGarrity Ceremony 2016