More Photos from Gettysburg 150th
The 69th Pa Skirmish LIne 1st Lt. Charles McAnally commanding
Garnett's Brigade reaches the Emmitsburg Road
Here they come ....
Flags & Rebs
Behind the Cattle Fence
Captain Scott Eller (aka Colonel O'Kane)
"Men, the enemy is coming, but hold your
fire until you see the whites of their eyes. I
know that you are as brave as any troops that
you will face, but today you are fighting on
the soil of your own state, so I expect you to
do your duty to the utmost. If any man among
you should flinch from that duty, I would ask
the man next to him to kill him on the spot."
O'Kane reached down with his right arm,
unsheathed his sword and raised it above his
head. "And let your work this day be for
victory or to the death."
Holding the Line
The Cattle Fence
Taking back rebel prisoners ... only the captured passed our wall
Sam & Jim at the wall
Art, Sam & Bob with a weary Charles McAnally
The Camp Elder Monument Dedication