Gettysburg Remembrance Day 2014
Each year mid November brings the 69th Pa to the town of Gettysburg, Pa for a day filled with
remembrance and honor. Our members and descendant
s assemble early in the morning to march
to the National Military Cemetery where we honor the 21 lads of the regiment who are buried there
- all fatalities of the Gettysburg battle. Next we march to our monument at the wall to rededicate
ourselves to the memory of all the men of our regiment. Each year we selected a differant
ny of the regiment to feature in a roll call and amid words of thought by members we select
one of our own to receive the "Hugh Bradley" medal for outstanding service to the regiment.
Our ceremony at the Cemetery
We march in the Remembrance  Day Parade
The Gettysburg Cemetery Illumination
Our ladies at the cemetery ceremony
Following the Flags on Parade
Corporal Mike Ernsberger - Hugh Bradley Award
Banquet presentation
Captain Eller conducts the ceremony at the 69th Monument
Honoring our 21 lads buried at Gettysburg