Each year the members of the 69th Pa travel to Gettysburg Pa to participate in a special series
  of ceremonies and a town parade. The town of Gettysburg is host that day to “Remembrance
   Day” festivities.  The Parade began at 1:00 PM and brought thousands of Federal & Confederate
    marchers. The 69th Pa begins their day at dawn as  they assemble for a ceremony at the  
  Gettysburg National  Cemetery to honor the 21 men of our regiment who died and  are buried
  there.  On July 2nd & 3rd  1863 53 lads of the 69th were killed or mortally  wounded in the fighting.
  21  remain buried there. Many others were wounded or taken prisoner. The  remainder of those killed
  were taken home to be buried in local or family plots. We place gravestones wherever we locate
  them where needed.   Our morning begins with an 8:00  AM  march into the  Pennsylvania section of
 the cemetery.   Each year a different member of the unit is selected to  carry a bronze medallion that
 represents one of  the 21 soldiers.  They will keep, protect and return  with  that medallion the
 following year.  A brief biography of each soldier is read and an  Irish flag placed alongside the
 American  flag on each grave. This year soil from Ireland was     placed on each grave as 33 officers
 and men plus 12 of our ladies participated.  Following the cemetery ceremony we march to the 69th
 regimental monument for services  where each year a   different company is given honor. This year
 Company G was honored. Company G was one of our largest companies at Gettysburg and
 occupied the left flank position at the wall with severe losses. In addition,  the“Hugh  Bradley” medal is
  awarded each year to an outstanding  reenactment soldier in the regiment. This year's recipient was
  Corporal Dave Ashcroft,  a descendant of Corporal Cyrus O'Daniel Co. G   wounded twice at
  Gettysburg while  fighting at the stone wall July 3, 1863.
Assembled at the Monument
     Reading the Biographies
 Procession to the Grave
   Comrades in Arms
Toasting the Lads
     Row of Graves
  Our Monument
 Comrades and Friends
    Calling the Roll
A Soldier Card
  Marching to the Monument
    On Parade
   .... More Photos