Gettysburg July 1-3 2017
154th Anniversary
 To commemorate the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg 19  
 soldiers and 5 of our ladies journey to Gettysburg to face heat, storms and rebels.
July 1-3 saw the unit engage rebel reenactors in three major battles:   The
breakthrough of the Perrin brigade, The Battle in the Wheatfield, and the attack on
Cushings cannons. The lads of the 69th performed heroically in all battles. On July 3
the 69th defended their position with multiple rifles per man as men in the rear
reloaded and passed guns forward to mow down attacking Confederate troops.
 Quakertown July 4th Ceremony
69th Camp at Gettysburg
The 69th battleline  facing Pickett
Lined up in the heat
        In the Fly
Relaxing after battle
 A frames and "dog-tents"
   “Ashokan Farewell,”