Gettysburg Remembrance Day  
  Saturday November 21, 2020
24 Soldiers and 8 ladies plus numerous family members journeyed to Gettysburg for
the annual Remembrance Day ceremonies which celebrate Lincoln's Gettysburg
Address each year. Mild & unseasonably friendly weather greeted the attendees of the
69th Pa  "Irish Volunteer unit as they honored the 21 soldiers of their regiment killed
Gettysburg July 2-3, 1863 buried at the National Cemetery. Following that ceremony,
the assemblege marched to the 69th Pa battlefield monument and held their
traditional ceremony. This year Company A of the regiment was honored with a roll
call of that company's 28 Gettysburg veterans.
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                  Lined up ready for the march to the Cemetery
   Marching into the Cemetery
"Taps" at the Cemetery Fence
   The Ceremony Begins
   Captain Eller and Father Smith
                       Our Ladies
 Our Monument with the Ceremony Wreath
               Planting the Flags
               The Irish Soil
    Pickett's Attack Route