The Hugh Bradley Ceremony
           April 9, 2017
   New Hugh Bradley Gravestone
Old Hugh Bradley Gravestone
   Assembly at Saint Mary's Cemetery
Reading the Biography
       "Present Arms "
     Marching into the Cemetery
The Ceremony
 Honoring Our Heros
The Graves of our Phoenixville Warriors
The Joseph McGarrity Ceremony
    On Palm Sunday April 9th the lads of the 69th Pa gathered at the Saint Mary's
 Cemetery in Phoenixville Pa to rededicate the gravestone of our Gettysburg
 hero Corporal Hugh Bradley (D). The original Bradley stone had worn away and
 was in need of replacement. Our honor guard, soldiers and assembled guests
  visited each of the five 69th veterans at Saint Mary's and honored their memory.
  At each grave soil from Ireland was placed on their "final resting  place"

    Lt. John Taggarty (Co..E)       Private Andrew McGluckin (Co B     Private James Kelly (Co K)