July 3, 1863... July 3, 2013
Concert & Ceremony
The 150th Anniversary of the third day at Gettysburg was celebrated by the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers"
with a return visit to town for a concert at the Rupp House and a ceremony which included the reading of
the entire muster roll of the regiment followed by a march to our monument followed by a solemn
ceremony honoring our dead in the defesne of the stone wall on July 3, 1863. From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
the 69th band played Irish and Civil War tunes to a passing crowd on Baltimore Avenue and after a rest
period the assembled soldirs and ladies and descendants marched to the 69th Pa monument for a roll
call plus the layig of the boxwood at the base of the monument by all attending. Captain Scott Eller spoke
eloquently of the solemn nature of the gathering and placed Irish soil at the monument base.
The 69th "Irish Volunteers" band performs on the lawn of the Rupp House
Marching out to the 69th Monument
Reading the July 1863 muster roll
Parading down Steinwehr Avenue on the way to the monument
Ceremony at the Wall - 150 years later
Our Flags.... Our Monument
2013 Color Sgt & Descendant of 1863 Color Sgt
The Camp Elder Marker Ceremony
         West  Chester, Pa