The Juniata County Civil War Monument
           May 16th, 2015
Long time 69th Pa member, Don 'Red" Husler worked for many years to bring about the      
creation of a    monument dedicated to the men of Juniata County Pennsylvania who
served in the American Civil   War. His brothers in the 69th regiment journeyed to
Mifflintown, Pa for a special dedication ceremony that honored the servicemen of the
county. The new memorial listing the names of the nearly 200 soldiers who perished in the
war will be built as a small wall on the lawn of the Juniata County courthouse, which is
already home to a Civil War monument that's more than 140 years old.
The Juniata County Monument
69th Lads (l to r) Mike Hessler, Doug Thomas, Captain Scott Eller,   
Don "Red" Husler, Don Ernsberger, Dave Ashcroft, Mike Kovacs
Memorial Day in Bridesburg, Philadelphia, Pa