Lambertville, New Jersey
Music School and Reenactment
In early June, members of the 69th Pa attended the Civil War music school and Reenactment in Lambertville New
Jersey along the Delaware River. The regiment established camp along an old railroad line Friday Night and
prepared for a long weekend of "Living History", battles and relaxation. The entire weekend brought beautiful weather
as members of the regiment assembled. The event also featured the National Civil War Field Music School which
brought together musicans from many regiments in the reenactment movement. In addition organizers coordinated
the use of a steamboat which took reenactors and visitors up and down the Delaware River both Saturday and
Sunday while battles raged between Confederate and Federal troops in the fields along the river and canal.
First Sergeant Kopich Calls The Roll
In Line for "Parade" Formation
Breakfast Around the Campfire
Captain Eller In Camp
"Colonel" Eller - In Command
Taking The Field Opposite Confederate Camp
Marching Into Battle
Pouring It On The Rebels
Steamboat On The River
The Holcombe - Jimison Farmstead
Tired and Bloody But Victorious
Enjoying The Steamboat Ride
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