General George Meade Ceremony
         December 31, 2015
On the final day of the year the 69th Pa participated in the celebration of the   
200th birthdate of General George Meade who led us at Gettysburg. The  
ceremony was held at his burial location - Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia
where our commander Colonel (later Brigadier General) Joshua Owen rests.
Meade was a descendant of an Irishman from Limerick County and the Meade
name stems from that county family. The representatives of the 69th formed the
color guard for the procession to Meade's grave and was honored to place "Irish
Soil" (from the Battle of Boyne battlefield) on his grave. The 69th color guard
played a major role in the ceremony attended by several hundred people. After
the ceremony members of the 69th visited the grave of Colonel Josuha Owen.
Private Ernsberger discusses the 69th "Gravestone Project and lays Irish Soil on the grave of General Meade
Marching in the Procession
The Lads at the Ceremony
Eyes Focused
The Honor Guard & Color Guard
Forming Up with our staff Photographer - Andrea Ashcroft