The Dennis O'Kane Project
Colonel Dennis O'Kane, our commander through the key battles of the Civil War, died at Gettysburg in the early morning of July 4th
1863 from wounds received in the fighting on the afternoon of July 3rd during Pickett's Charge. O'Kane had been active in the
Philadephia Irish militia before the war and took the position of Lieutenant Colonel at the forming of the regiment. He was a native of
Tireighter Townland Park village in Upper Cumber-Learmount Parish Co. Derry Ireland and migrated to the United States around 1840.
He was buried at Old Cathedral Cemetery in Philadephia and for 133 years had no gravestone to mark his final resting place until a
stone was placed by the 69th Pennsylvaia "Irish Volunteers" reenactment unit.
Due to the research done by our friend and comrade Michael Higgins in Ireland the birthplace and childhood home of Dennis O'Kane
was located and it was only logical that the 69th Pa would do something to honor the man and his birthplace. Spearheaded by
member Bill Meehan funds were raised and a plaque and a photograph were placed in the Learmount Community Center near the
place of his birth. True to his dynamic spirit, Bill Meehan, along with his wife Carol, flew over to Ireland for the ceremony. While there
they also visited the grave of Private James McPeake, a 69th soldier who returned to Ireland after the Civil War and is buried there.
The Dedication Plaque at Learmount Community Center
Michael Higgins & Bill Meehan-- Organizers
Colonel Dennis O'Kane
The O'Kane Home
Home in Use 1930's
Overgrown Property
Nearby Celtic Wedge Tomb
Learmount Community Center
Community Leaders
James McPeake Gravestone
McPeak Home Today
Colonel Dennis O'Kane's Final Resting Place - Philadelphia Pa
Cedar Creek 149th