Old Cathedral Gravestone Dedication
The 69th Pa continues to locate the final resting places of the men who fought with the
regiment during the Civil War. For the past 20 years we have sought to honor these men
by placing gravestones  on their final resting places at cemeteries in the Philadelphia  
area and in locations as far away as Ireland, Virginia, Illinois and California. With
money raised from contributions and sale of the 69th music CDs  we work with the
Veterans Administration to design, create and transport gravestones. Our ceremony
includes a reading of each soldier's biography, the placement of an Irish flag and soil
from Ireland on the grave and a volley of rifle fire.
This year,19 soldiers and 4 ladies of the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" gathered on Veterans
Day Weekend to honor the graves of three veterans of Gettysburg - all Sergeants:
 Sergeant James Higgins  Company B -   County Mayo
 Sergeant Patrick Moran  Company A  -   County Roscommon
 Sergeant Daniel McNichol - Company B -  County Derry
We were joined by more than 25 descendants of the Higgins and the Moran families
           Sgt Patrick Moran Company A
Sgt James Higgins  Company B
                                     Unit Assembled for March to Graves
Flag bearers Mike Hessler & Brad Upp with Sgt Bill Meehan
Don Ernsberger reads the biography
Heading the Parade and Ceremony
Captain Eller places Irish Soil on the grave
         Preparing to Fire a Volley
Descendant places a Stone
Our ladies place the flags
    Unfurling the Flags
             THE GRAVESTONES