Pennypacker - "Civil War Days"
The regiment traveled to Schwenksville, Pa  May 30 - June 1  for the annual "Civil War Days" weekend on
what became two beautiful and sunny pair of days. The lads helped train youngsters in marching, manual of
arms and Civil War history as their parents brought them to sign up for our program. It was  busy day with
many visitors to our camp and two fierce battles in the fields behind the mansion. Our regiment marched
into battle with 18 officers and men to the observation and cheers of large and enthusiastic crowds.
Lined Up For Regimental Parade
Our Camp in the Distance
At The Barricades
Corporal Ashcroft and his New Tent
Father & Son Schaeffer Lads
Captain Eller Chats with "Action News" - ABC
Around the Fly
Our Traditional "Flag Ceremony"
First Sergeant Kopich lines up the Troops before the Battle
Blazing Away in the Open Fields
Lambertville - Music School and Reenactment