Remembrance Day - Gettysburg
      November 18th, 2017
Responding to published threats of disruption and possible violence, the 69th Pa
"Irish Volunteers" rallied to the annual Remembrance Day activity by holding their
traditional cemetery ceremony and Regimental monument ceremony as well as
marching in the annual parade.  Thirty soldiers as well as eight of our ladies arrived in
Gettysburg and assembled in a rain storm to honor our 69th veterans of the Gettysburg
battle. The day ended with the annual banquet as we closed down our reenacting year.
Marching to the National Cemetery Gravestones
  Reading biographies of the 21 men honored
  Our ladies place boxwood on the monument
 Ceremony at Monument
Gathering before the ceremonies begin
       A VIDEO
  OF OUR 2017
  69th at frame  1:32