Ren Faire 2017
A small group of 69th Pa members attended the 2017 Renaissance Faire in    
Manheim Pa to enjoy Irish music and educate the public on the 69th Pa and
our activities. They also sold our new tee shirt and copies of the music CD
produced by our band, The 69th Pa Irish Volunteers.
June 23-25
The 69th PA Irish Volunteer Reenactors

Located in the Living History Encampment at Picnic Grove.
A Soldier's Life: Saturday 2:45PM, 5:15PM & 6:00PM,                            
                        Sunday 12:00PM & 5:15PM
Musket Demo: Saturday 11:15AM & 4:45PM, Sunday 12:00PM & 4:45PM
  Youth Recruitment & Drill Station: Saturday & Sunday 2:15PM

During the American Civil War, the lads of the 69th Pa Irish Volunteers
fought in every campaign with the Army of The Potomac. From 1861 to
1865 they were in the midst of almost every major battle. These men,
mostly born in Ireland, fought under their green battle flag to save the
Union. Today, reenactors honor their memory by participating in living
history programs, parades, gravesite ceremonies, history trips, music
programs and battle recreations. They are dedicated to the memory of
the men of the original 69th Pa Irish Volunteer regiment. They were truly
the "Rock of Erin". Visit their Official Website to learn more!