150th Anniversary
150 years ago the 69th participated in two pitched battles in Northern Virginia : The Battle of The Wilderness
May 5-7, 1864 and the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse May 8-21, 1864. The 69th Irish Volunteers played
key roles in both battles as they assaulted A.P. Hill's Corps along Brock Road at Wilderness and broke the
Confederate line at "The Mule Shoe"  May 12th. Suffering heavy casualties they contributed to victory.
The 69th takes the "Mule Shoe"  May 4, 2014
"Mule Shoe" Assault Video
"Mule Shoe" Assault Video
"Mule Shoe" Assault Video
1864  Painting of the creek the 69th crossed
   on Saturday AM  in the 2014 reenactment
Map of the woods in which we recreated the
Wilderness Battle. On original Battlefield land.
   1864 Painting of the "Mule Shoe Capture
Color Sergeant David Daniel waves the 69th colors
before the mass rush to the "Mule Shoe" trenches
Fighting in the woods
Fighting in the trenches
Resting in the "works"
The Green Battleflag in Action
The Union Attack Line - At "The Mule Shoe" : formed behind the abatis
.......and up the hill - The Rebs