Sumneytown Tavern
 Lansdale, Pa March 16th
Saint Patrick's Day Concert
It's Saint Patrick's Day and once again the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" return
to play Irish and Civil War music at the Sumneytown Tavern in Lansdale Pa
The Marque of the Sumney
Tavern Announces Our Event
Ginny Rothenberg Sings a Solo Number
Playing Our Irish Tunes
Bob and Don Strum the Background Music
Captain Scott Eller on The Base
Dara, Jerry and Our New "harmonica man" Mike
The "spark plug" of the Band Bob Levine
Vocalists Doug, Rick and Gil
Sarah Tuk Entertains After The First Set
The Band Wails Out Another Irish Tune
A Night of Music At The Sumneytown Tavern
"Living Civil War History" at Peddler's
Village in Bucks County Pennsylvania