Cedar Creek 2013
 OUR TASK - To construct an accurate recreation of the Union fortifications
 from  Second  Winchester (West Fort) and Battle of Cedar Creek  (Fort Thoburn)
  including wood slab walls, blockhouses, fence segments and abatis.
Wilderness-Spotsylania 150th
The USV Engineers assembled a three sided log
fort  at the crest of the Union infantry positions
A visitor surveys the walls and the
abatis of the USV Construction
One of the three blockhouses topped
with headlogs at the corners of the fort
Heavy layers of thick brush abatis and
obstacles filled the area in front of the fort
Union Infantry prepares to receive the Confedeerate Infantry Assault
The Federal Flag waves from behind the   
walls of West Fort as the day opens
Union infantry takes their positions
inside of Fort Thorburn
100 foot  Front wall
80 foot South wall
60 foot
North Wall
Construction Designs for Wooden Fort at Cedar Creek