OUR TASK - To coordinate USV plans with the National Park Service for participation
in a march down the Lynchburg-Richmond Stage Road to the "Stacking of Arms" ceremony
in Appomattox Village. To coordinate the aquisition of food supplies; transportation; and
operation of two "First Act of a Healing Nation" events in the 150th Anniversary event.
The USV Marches into Appomattox Village
Prepared to feed the Confederates Saturday
Feeding the Confederates Sunday
The Logistical Challenge
*   Charter and Coordinate four buses for transport of Federal Troops from
Reenactment site to NPS Appomattox Village and return after ceremony
*   Coordinate with National Park Service "First Act Of A Healing Nation" and
the Lynchburg-Richmond Road march
*   Coordinate acquisition of more than 350 pounds of ham; 1100 biscuits and
50 pounds of coffee plus 20 coffee urns.
*   Coordinate two separate distribution networks for feeding Confederate troops
at NPS Appomattox Village and 150th anniversary reenactment event
 Our Next Task
 1st Bull Run / 1st Manassas 155th