Veterans Day 2015
  Old Cathedral Cemetery
 Many of the men who fought with the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" were buried in unmarked
graves during the war and often even after the war ended. It is the task of our regiment to
locate these "final resting places" and to place a gravestone. The special ceremony which
we conduct often brings descendants of these men together to join us and honor them.
The regiment provides the cost of the projecst with funds raised from sale of our music CD
and often with contributions from those whom support our efforts. This year we journeyed
to Old Cathedral Cemetery in West Philadelphia to dedicate and honor our heroes.   
Gettysburg 2015
Old Cathedral Cemetery
Our first gravestone to our Colonel,
killed at Gettysburg, who had no
headstone until we placed one.
                  Honored This Year
Private Patrick Devenny (F) – died Bolivar Heights  O-7-41
    enlisted  age 46 10/31/61  from Derry. Wife Sarah - fought at Glendale
1st Lt John J Devlin (E)  - died June 6, 1869 (ago28) O-2-17  
    enlisted age 20  (tinsmith / roofer)   10/31/61  At Gettysburg   W/C Glendale   W Antietam
Private Michael Welsh  (C)  -  died  October 1, 1863   K-5-24
    enl10/31/61  age 34  wife Catherine 3 children Ambulance Corps at Gettysburg –
                      caught Typhoid fever in Gettysburg hospital
Private James Dever (H)   died July 28, 1862  K-3-36
    enl 10/31/61  age 23  single  (horse & cart driver)   WC – Glendale  (right foot)    died hospital
Sgt Patrick Moran (A)  died Jan 21, 1912 (age 70)   Q-2-44  
     enl 10/31/61  age 21  (shoemaker)  from Rosecommon At Gettysburg  W-
Sgt Daniel McNichol (B) died 11/22, 1888 (age 49) U – 5 – 27
   enl  age 22 (cordwainer) Oct 31, 1861 from Derry
Our newest gravestone, Private Patrick
Devenny (Co F), whose descendants joined
us in the 69th Pa dedication ceremony
Pat Kopich places the flag on Devenny's grave
Three volleys are fired over the graves
Historian  Ernsberger reads the biography
Captain Eller places the Irish soil
The lads of the 69th march to the 6 gravesites dedicated this year
Drew Nugent Plays taps to close each ceremony

The Ceremony at Old Cathedral