Gettysburg Wall Cleanup
Saturday May 18, 2013
Eight members of the 69th Pa volunteered their time on Saturday May 18th to travel to Gettysburg
and cut weeds and rake vines at the stone wall defended by the regiment on July 3, 1863. With tens
of thousands of visitors expected to the battlefield this summer it was important to make our wall as
presentable as possible. The crew trimmed back undergrowth, repaired the broken chain and hauled
 debris  for NPS pickup. After  hours of work they adjourned to Gary Owens for food & beverage
Hard working crew (left to right) Clare Kovaks, Mike Kovacs, Lex Nugent, Steve Shelly, Don Ernsberger,
Jim Johnston, Dave Daniels & Dave Ashcroft in front of the 69th monument prepared to work on the Wall
After trimming the weed growth - cutting and hacking begins
Dave "week wacker" Daniel at work on the wall
Piling up the debris - cutting and raking to make our wall ready for the 150th
Working on the left flank position --Company G
Ernsberger by the debris pile
Moving cuttings with the pickfork
 Memorial Day Parade - Bridesburg Philadelphia