2004 Action
 The year 2004 saw the 69th Pennsylvania "Irish Volunteers" continue to honor
 the lads of the regiment with  a wide variety of "living history events" and
 parades. The publication of the  regimental history "Paddy Owen's Regulars"
             made available to the public the saga of the 69th
They lead us into battle
Our 2004 officers
military strategy planning
A scene at night in camp
Members of the 69th Pa battle at a fence
against rebel forces
The camp in Wildwood, NJ
Irish Fest 2004
Reenactment as a family activity
Lieutenant Scott Eller
3 generations of reenactors
The Ernsberger family in camp
Art, Steve, Mike and Don at the 2004
Gettysburg parade
Corporal Ernsberger riding "Irish Mike"
Cedar Creek  2004 - the 140th Anniversary